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About Us

What makes AttiGo special and different?

  1. We Only Partner with Legitimate Suppliers
    Who doesn't love more choices?  With the entry of 
    AttiGo Online Shop into the Philippine E-commerce scene, we now have more stores to consider and a whole new range of brands and item variations to choose from.  What sets AttiGo Online Shop is that it verifies the legitimacy of stores. So you’re sure that if you partner with us, you belong to an Online Shop that sells only original and authentic merchandise. We will build your reputation even more as a reputable merchant! And if you're a user/shopper, you're assured you're buying only the real thing. No fakes allowed!

  2. Easy Shop, Easy Go
    AttiGo Online Shop provides a quick and easy order and payment system.  It offers multiple card payment options, accepts PayPal and even COD payment system.

  3. Free Shipping
    AttiGo Online Shop provides FREE Shipping within Metro Manila for a minimum of Php500.

  4. After Sales Support
    AttiGo Online Shop offers after sale support.  All products come with warranties depending on the terms of the store.  

  5. Rare Finds
    AttiGo Online Shop provides items that are limited, trendy and collectible 

  6. Empowering Filipino Entrepreneurs
    AttiGo Online Shop does not only benefit consumers.  It also becomes the bridge between Filipino entrepreneurs--even small start ups and the consumers.

  7. Income Opportunity
    AttiGo Online Shop recognizes the potential of each and every member to tap into a new audience and therefore, it offers a profit sharing system granting its reseller commission for every resale.  The reselling system is very easy too.  You can make your own shop and have a link to your shop composed of goods grabbed from the AttiGo Online Shop.  

  8. Gives Back
    AttiGo Online Shop does not only focus on making profits but also gives back to the community.  It has partnerships with World Vision and certain indigent communities.