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VOICE IT OUT Singing Competition 2018!


How to Join:

1. LIKE our Official Fan Page, FOLLOW our instagram @attigoph, and REGISTER FOR FREE at our AttiGo website

2. Qualifications:

- Must be an AttiGo Fan & Follower

Open to all university, college, and senior high students UP TO 25 YEARS OF AGE. INDIVIDUALS WHO GRADUATED UP TO THE AGE LIMIT CAN JOIN!

3. Send us your photo [high resolution] including the following:

- Title of the Contest: “VOICE IT OUT Singing Competition 2018!”

- Full Name:

- Age:

- Contact Number:

- School:

- Location:

AND send a minimum of 3 min. to a maximum of 5 min. video performing the song to so we can upload them to our website

4. Scan copy of photo of your current school ID or school Registration Form.

5. Once your video and photo have been uploaded to and FB respectively, we will put your video link to your FB photo entry in the official album and post a confirmation message.

6. START INVITING your friends to LIKE our FB Fan Page and SHARE your video/photo entry from the official album.

7. One [1] entry per fan only.

8. Prize:

*Representative/s from each school will be selected provided that there are multiple students from a particular school who participates.

* The representatives will be featured as the semi-finalists in

* 8 representatives will be chosen as finalists thru the Attigo website voting and will automatically get:

- P 3,000 worth of Gift Certificate

* Grand Winner:

- P20,000 CASH + P5,000 worth of Gift Certificate

- MOA watch

- 1 year endorsement contract

* 1st Runner Up:

- P 10,000 CASH + P5, 000 worth of Gift Certificate

- Unisilver Time Watch

*2nd Runner Up:

- P5,000 CASH + P5,000 worth of Gift Certificate

- HEA Watch

9. Criteria for Judging are as follows:

Prelimenary>University / College Representatives



Tone    30%




Style of Enunciation  30%



Synchronized w/ Music  20%

Votes (Likes and Shares)    20%


TOTAL      100%


Semi-Finalists> Top 8

Website Voting    50%

Overall Likeability   50%


TOTAL     100%






Tone       30%




Style of Enunciation  30%



Synchronized w/ Music  10%

Stage Presence


Suitable Clothes   10%

Mastery of Lyrics

No errors/ lapses in memory 10%

Overall Impact   10%


TOTAL   100%


10. FB contest duration is from June 1 – July 31, 2018, 6PM.

11. Representative/s from each school will be announced and posted on FB and uploaded in the official voting website 1st to 2nd week of august 2018.

12. 8 Finalists will be announced no later than 2nd to 3rd week of August 2018.

13. Finalists will be notified through announcement on our Official Fan Page Wall & through personal message [PM].

14. Upon receipt of our PM, finalists need to respond to that message within 24 hours providing the information requested.

15. Grand Finals will be held on August 30, 2018 this year at SM Manila dubbed as “VOICE IT OUT Singing Competition 2018!”

16. Winners can claim their prize ONLY IF all requested information has been provided.

17. Claiming of prizes will be discussed with the finalists/winner.

Don’t wait! Don't think! Just do it! ? Looking forward to receiving your entries soonest!

For those who want to participate & with video size exceeding 25MB [maximum for emails], we will accept using google drive.

REMINDER: video length should be minimum of 3 min. to a maximum of 5 min. ONLY.

Feel free to message us for any concerns.