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How To Join:
1. Qualifications:
A. should be a follower of Attigo
B. Children ages 5 – 12 years old to date, boy and girl.
C. Photo entries submitted by individuals with the following relation to the child only are allowed:
- Son / Daughter
- Nephew / Niece
- Cousin
- Sister / brother
- Grandmother / Grandfather
2.”LIKE” our Official Fan Page
3. Send us your chosen best photo here and include the following details
-Title of the Contest: “AttiGO: Search for Tigo Kids 2018!”
- Full Name of the Child:
- FB name & Full name of the entry Sender
- Age of the child:
- Relation to the Child:
- Phone Number of the Sender
- Email of the Sender
4. ONLY ONE [1] ENTRY PER FAN ONLY. Photos being submitted should be clear and at least medium to high resolution. Should the entry being submitted is not your own, you must seek permission from the owner, otherwise, we will not be held responsible for any withdrawal of such entries.
5. Upon validation, official entries will be uploaded in the “Attigo Official Website then we will provide a confirmation message and a link to you confirming availability of your entry for voting. Make sure to check your messenger inbox regularly.
6. Official entries will also be posted to our FB page together with the link to redirect you the official website for voting.
7. Start INVITING your friends to LIKE our Fan Page and vote for your entry.
8. 20 finalists will be chosen.
Criteria for 20 Finalists
A. Most number of Votes - 50%
B. Most Promising – 50%
9. 20 Finalist will be formally announce to our official FB page and will be invited for a photo shoot (Venue:to be announce)
10. Two (2) Kids will be chosen as the official winners for TIGO Kids 2018 (1Boy & 1Girl)
11. Prizes to be won:
A. Top 20 - Gift Package & Certificate
B. 2 Winners - Php 5,000/each Total Php 10, 000.00
Attigo Gift Package
1 Watch from Unisilver TIME or Attigo Watch
*** Possible Endorsement ****
12. Contest duration is from May 15 – July 15, 2018, at exactly 12 midnight. [Contest duration may be extended depending on the demand.]
13. The 20 Finalists will be announced on July 25, 2018.
14. Pictorial will be on August 04, 2018. (Venue to be announce)
15. The grand winners will be announced on August 15, 2018,
Criteria for 2 Winners
A. Most number of Votes 40%
B. General Appearance 30 %
C. Photo Shoot Performance 30%
16. Awarding of Winners will be sometimes in august or September this year. (Venue to be announce)
17. Winning entries will be notified through announcement on our Fan Page Wall & personal message in Facebook.
18. Upon receipt of our PM, winners need to respond to that message providing the information requested.
Start sending your entries NOW and have a chance to be at the same stage of various famous artists in one famous mall!!!!